About Me
 About Me
Welcome & nice to meet you!
I'm Lockheed Lee... no affiliation to Lockheed Martin... and yes, that is my real name. How did I get my name? Well, that's a long story that I'll share with you another time. I am a New York City independent designer and marketing professional, specializing in brand marketing and design. I work in partnership with businesses and individuals who want to communicate better and more efficiently with their potential clients.

I offer a complete set of design services that include graphic designs, marketing strategies, planning, art direction, mechanical production, web design, copy writing, illustration, photography, and printing. I will assist you from start to finish in fulfilling your needs. Not only do I provide these services, but I also like to establish a relationship with my clients. You want to work with someone you can trust. And so do I.

Why should you choose to work with me?
You can be assured that I will put 100% of my creative expertise and knowledge into working for you and fulfilling your needs in a prompt, reliable manner. These days, customers have more options and less time than ever before to see to their needs themselves. If a business can't find a way to stand out and connect to its potential clients and customers, that business doesn't have a chance. I will create meaningful design and branding solutions which will appeal to your customers and make you stand out, resulting in increased sales and long-lasting relationships that will be beneficial to all involved.

What our clients say
  • I would highly recommend Lockheed to any organizations seeking to create or modernize their website to meet ever evolving customer focused environment.
    Wilson Lee, President
    from AALEA-NCR
  • He is a real professional and was extremely helpful in getting us the web site complete...
    Harold Kaye
    from Modern Windows
  • I found him to be passionate, creative, organized, responsive, open-minded and flexible!
    Peter Tam, President
    from Petey Tam Promotions
  • Not only will you be satisfied, you will be looking for reasons to continue working with him.
    Michael DeVito, President
    from Cultural Compulsive Disorder
  • His turnaround time was fast and thorough and he was very easygoing and a sheer joy to work with.
    Susan Chong
    from Chongilicious
What we do
What are you
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I am always interested in hearing from former colleagues and new business partners, so feel free to contact me if you'd like to connect.
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