Asian American Law Enforcement Association (AALEA-NCR)
Projects: Website design and Modernization

Lockheed Lee have contributed greatly toward the Asian American Law Enforcement Association of the Capital Region (AALEA-NCR). The creativity and professional work that Lockheed does is clearly reflected on the website he designed for us. Lockheed made our website aesthetically modern while keeping its functions simple to navigate. The professional look of our website has no doubt contributed to the continuous growth of our organization. As President of AALEA-NCR, I would highly recommend Lockheed to any organizations seeking to create or modernize their website to meet ever evolving customer focused environment.

Modern Windows
Projects: Website design

Lockheed was a great web site development partner. He is perfect for a smaller company in that he understands the balance of daily business demands and getting the web site done. He is a real professional and was extremely helpful in getting us the web site complete even though we had few photos and little content information. He is the best for entrepreneurial companies. We highly recommend him!

Life and Soles
Projects: Logo design and Merchandise Design

I highly recommend Lockheed. He worked on a full range of creative / design projects for our company Life & Soles. He was both flexible and creative, and always maintained a positive attitude. More importantly he is always consistent with making progress towards our goals.

Petey Tam Promotions
Projects: Graphic and Promotional Designs (Flyers, Logos, Animated Flyers, Motion Graphics)

I have been using Lockheed for graphic design for several years. When I discovered Lockheed, I found him to be passionate, creative, organized, responsive, open-minded and flexible! He is extremely attentive and pays special detail to my custom needs that makes all the difference.

Lockheed is extremely patient, personable and easy to communicate with. His prices are also great for the amazing work that he does. Needless to say, I am extremely satisfied with the results each and every time!

Cultural Compulsive Disorder
Projects: Blog Design, Graphic and Promotional Designs

Here is how CCD's collaboration with Lockheed Lee began. As someone who is very good at creating content but not so good at graphic/website design, the original look of the site looked terrible. I explained to Lockheed that I would love for CCD site to look more aesthetically pleasing but I had reached my fully capacity as a site designer. He told me he had some great ideas to turn the design of CCD around and he would be in touch with me shortly to run them past me.

About a week later, Lockheed and I met for coffee and he discussed his ideas on how to improve CCD. He was very conscious of the things I wanted on the site while at the same time pointing out the things we needed to purge from CCD in order to make the page work. Within a week of that meeting he offered me at least 3 variations on color scheme and layouts that blew away my original design away. Once I had chosen the one I liked the best, he helped us with the instillation of the template design and conversion of our previous article cache to the new and improved design. In under a month total we were able to launch the new and improved CCD... and everyone was in absolute shock!!! My website finally had the creative flair to match the cool content we were adding each day. In no time visitor numbers began to increase.

If you choose Lockheed to help you with any of your graphic/website design needs. You will not only get someone who has a keen eye for design but someone who cares about his clients. He ingrains himself into every project in a way that makes you feel like he is one of YOUR staff instead of someone you hired. As a matter of fact, I was so impressed with Lockheed's overall effort that I asked him to be our full time web design consultant and a contributor on CCD. After working with Lockheed you won't want the project to end... not only will you be satisfied, you will be looking for reasons to continue working with him. For efficient and competent work, Lockheed Lee is your man. He gets the CCD stamp of approval!

Season Spa • Rich Feet
Projects: Website Design

It was a wonderful experience working with Lockheed. He is extremely professional and talented. I already had an existing site that many of my customers said was quite an attractive and professional site. I needed something that would go above and beyond what I already had. Our collaboration was a mixture of what I adamantly wanted on my site plus his input on how and what would give my spa a competitive edge in this age of social media. And that is exactly what he was able to achieve for me. Upon the new updates on my Website I noticed an immediate influx of new customers. I was so satisfied that I had Lock immediately work on a new website for my new venture, Rich Feet. I am more than satisfied with the work he has done and should any more opportunities arise for us to work together again, I will definitely seek his help.

Project: Website Design

Lockheed Lee is professional and talented. I've worked with him for many years for him to earn that credibility. He's a stellar designer and excels in web design. He carried through on my website with precision and grace, offering directives that improved the overall look of my website. The site really flows and I'm very happy with it. His turnaround time was fast and thorough and he was very easygoing and a sheer joy to work with. I would recommend him in a heartbeat... In fact, I have and continue to do so!!!

PS Direct Inc.
Project: Website Design

In this day and age, in order to be a legitimate business, you need a website - not just a standard DIY website, but a professional one. You need one that characterizes and embodies your business - whether it's over the top or minimalistic. No matter how it's done, it's got to look good and it's got to be done right. We contacted Lockheed Lee to help us create a professional yet minimalistic website - not over the top fancy with graphics and images which a lot of websites these days have, but something pragmatic and simple to show that we're serious about what we do. We knew that he was very talented and would bring the right feel for us. He asked us what we wanted, what we envisioned and what would make us happy. He took all of these ideas and our answers to his questions, and made a website that we are proud to display and tell others about. He was courteous, friendly and great to work with. I would highly recommend his expertise, as well as, use him again in the future if other needs arise.

Cindy Mui
Project: Website Design

Lockheed is a great designer. His concepts are very detailed and concise. He's very creative and know how to get the look you are looking for. I am very pleased that I went to Lockheed for my website design. I highly recommend!

Selective Perspective Photography, Inc
Project: Website Design

When I approached Lockheed about creating a custom website, I expected good results based on his reputation. I was sick and tired of using "custom" design sites that handed me "Cookie Cutter" template based websites. When I saw what Lockheed had designed, my jaw literally dropped. My website is beyond good. It is amazing. He took my vision as an artist and made it a reality. From the first meeting, he was well prepared with printed color previews of every page of my site and explained his vision on how the site would work and navigate. I knew my search for a designer that understood just what I wanted was over. Now that my site is live and running, I find myself constantly looking at the pages similar to how a client views my photos. What Lock created for me is an art form in itself. Thanks for everything Lock. Great job!

Tommy Lombardozzi
Project: Website Design

Lock designed my first website. He was able to bring my idea to life, adding his own special touches. He worked diligently and with expertise to make sure I was happy with the end result. And I was! He is a great guy and a great artist, and I'd recommend him to anyone without hesitation!

Bryant & Tiffany Ng
Project: Website Design

You did a great job with the website for my wedding. I appreciate your hard work in helping to create that site from beginning to end. I know that we might have been incoherent at times but you took the time to really understand our needs and wants and were able to translate that to the digital world. You also did a wonderful job in designing our invites - from the layout to the text, you couldn't have made it any easier for us. We loved working with you and I would not hesitate at all to recommend you.

Leonard Katz Photography
Project: Website Design

With all that was discussed towards the development of my site, the details were outstanding. Your input and feedback made me feel confident in the end result. I'm very pleased with your work and look forward to working with you again.
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